Quartus Prime Licensing

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I have the following questions:

1. A Quartus Prime Lite version is sufficient for my FPGA design. Can I use only the Lite version in my company for commercial products without paying for the licence (as Lite version is free).

2. In case I buy a licence for Quartus Prime Standard version, I see that its mentioned "Includes subscription software updates for one year". Does this mean the licence expires after a year? Is this not a perpetual / permanent licence? 

3. If I do not need any software upgrades after 1 year, can I still continue using the same version of Quartus Prime Standard without paying for the licence in the next year?

Thank you!

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Reply by adouvilleSeptember 30, 2020


1. If the Lite version is sufficient, why do you want to pay ;-)

See https://www.intel.fr/content/www/fr/fr/software/pr... to see which version matches your requirements

All versions can be used for commercial purpose...

2. You will be able to use Quartus after one year. But, there will be no more updates. That is to say if a bug is found (either in SW or in IP), if a new component or a new IP is added, you will not have bug fixes nor you will be able to route new FPGAs.

3. Yes...