The MicroZed Chronicles - Using the Zynq 101: Complete First Year

Mr Adam P Taylor CEng 2015

The Xilinx Zynq System on Chip is the SoC in demand at the moment, the MicroZed Chronicles takes you in 52 lessons from the beginning of hello world to creating peripherals within the FPGA and adding in operating systems to make you be able to use the device like a seasoned professional. With over 150 images used to illustrate the lessons and numerous code examples key areas include The Zynq & the SW development environment Configuring the device and generating a boot image XADC & Alarms MIO and EMIO Interrupts including PL to PS Timers, Watchdog both system and Private Triple Timer Counters Creating a AXI Peripheral for the FPGA PS DMA Detailed example of AXI peripheral, SW development Zynq Operating Systems - uc/osiii & FreeRTOS AMP - including communication between cores and SW interrupts