Already 3000+ Attendees Registered for the Upcoming Embedded Online Conference

Stephane BoucherFebruary 14, 2020

Chances are you already know, through the newsletter or banners on the Related sites, about the upcoming Embedded Online Conference.

Chances are you also already know that you have until the end of the month of February to register for free

And chances are that you are one of the more than 3000 pro-active engineers who have already registered.

But If you are like me and have a tendency to do tomorrow what can be done today, maybe you haven't registered yet.  You may want to consider registering now.

The concept is simple: a no need to travel conference with all talks made available online on May 20, 2020.

So far, we have 16 talks confirmed and listed in four tracks:

  1. DSP & Machine Learning
  2. FPGA
  3. Embedded Systems Programming
  4. Embedded Systems Security

Most of the talks will be given by experienced and world class speakers and many more talks are in the process of being confirmed and added to the conference - stay tuned!

With more than 3000 people already registered, the concept seems to be attractive to many. 3000 individuals seem like a lot of people but can be hard to imagine.  Here are a few photos to help us get a sense of what 3000 individuals may look like. 

And we are still 3 months away from the event.  There is a very real possibility that the conference will reach the 5,000 attendees mark and needless to say, this is very exciting.  

If you haven't registered yet and are holding back, here are some reasons to register now:

  1. Registering is free until the end of February.  
  2. We are still receiving proposals for talks and will be adding new sessions to the conference in the next few weeks.  If there is no talk yet listed that compelled you to register, there might be one added in the future that will.
  3. You are guaranteed a front row seat for every talk you may decide to attend.
  4. From the time a talk will be published, you can watch it (stream it) whenever your schedule allows.  In other words, lots of flexibility if you are too busy on 05/20.
  5. With the current coronavirus situation, attending an online conference might be a wise choice, as opposed to physically mingling with hundreds of people.

Reasons NOT to Register Now

  1. You know enough or your brain is saturated.
  2. You have too much money and would like to wait a bit so you can pay for registration (thank you for your support)
  3. You are not available on May 20, 2020 and you think this is an issue (it is not - we need to explain better on the conference's site that the talks will be available FROM May 20 and can be watched on later days).

So, will you be attending?  Please feel free to share your comments below.

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