Embedded Design Handbook


The Embedded Design Handbook complements the primary documentation for the Altera® tools for embedded system development. It describes how to most effectively use the tools, and recommends design styles and practices for developing, debugging, and optimizing embedded systems using Altera-provided tools. The handbook introduces concepts to new users of Altera’s embedded solutions, and helps to increase the design efficiency of the experienced user.

Adam Taylor's MicroZed Chronicles

Adam Taylor

This is a collection of a number of blogs I have written for the Xilinx Xcell Daily blog on how to use the Xilinx Zynq based around the MicroZed.

Free Range VHDL

Bryan Mealy, Fabrizio Tappero

The no-frills guide to writing powerful code for you digital implementations.

The Shock and Awe VHDL Tutorial

Bryan Mealy

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide students with a guide to help develop the skills necessary to be able to use VHDL in the context of introductory and intermediate level digital design courses. These skills will allow students to not only navigate early courses, but also give them the skills and confidence to continue on with VHDL-based digital design and the development of skills required to solve more advanced digital design problems.

FPGAs!? Now What?

Dave Vandenbout

There are numerous requests in Internet forums that go something like this: "I am new to using FPGAs. What are they? How do I start? Is there a tutorial and some cheap/free tools I can use to learn more?" The short answer is “Yes”. The long answer is this book. It will briefly describe FPGAs and then show you how to apply them to your problems using a low-cost board and some free software. My discussion will be oriented towards using Xilinx FPGAs, but most of what I'll say is applicable to other brands of FPGAs.