Elliptic Curve Cryptography - Key Exchange and Signatures


Elliptic curve mathematics over finite fields helps solve the problem of exchanging secret keys for encrypted messages as well as proving a specific person signed a particular document. This article goes over simple algorithms for key exchange and digital signature using elliptic curve mathematics. These methods are the essence of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) used in applications such as SSH, TLS and HTTPS.

Square root in fixed point VHDL

Jari Honkanen

We will design and implement a fixed point square root function in VHDL. The algorithm is based on the recursive inverse square root algorithm based on Newton Raphson and offers parametrizable pipeline depth, word length and the algorithm is built on records and procedures.

Three more things you need to know when transitioning from MCUs to FPGAs

Duane Benson

Take a look at three more important difference between FPGAs and MCUs: "code reuse" vs templating, metastability and blocking vs. non-blocking operations.

Jumping from MCUs to FPGAs - 5 things you need to know

Duane Benson

Are you a microcontroller expert beckoned by the siren song of the FPGA? Not long ago, that was me. FPGA-expert friends of mine regularly extolled the virtues of these mysterious components and I wanted in. When I made the leap, I found a world seemingly very familiar, but in reality, vastly different. I found that my years of C programming and microcontroller use often gave pre preconceived interpretations of FPGA resource material which resulted in eye-roll class mistakes in my code. I’ve gleaned five things of vital importance to help you make that transition faster than I did.

Why I would choose an FPGA development board?

Pablo Trujillo

Some years ago, when I went to the University, I bought some development boards based on different microcontrollers, and I remember that, although development boards were not expensive, I had to add to the price of the board, the shipping costs...

Computing Fixed-Point Square Roots and Their Reciprocals Using Goldschmidt Algorithm

Michael Morris

IntroductionA well known algorithm for computing square roots by iteration is provided by the Newton-Raphson Algorithm. The algorithm determines the square root using iteration until the root has been determined to some user-defined level of...

MyHDL synthesis: from browser to FPGA in five seconds

Martin Strubel

When it comes to feeding (mostly proprietary) synthesis tools, the most widely supported HDL (hardware design language) is probably plain Verilog, then comes VHDL. The reasons for that are simply based on popularity or the fact that VHDL is a...

Use DPLL to Lock Digital Oscillator to 1PPS Signal

Michael Morris

Introduction There are occasions where it is desirable to lock a digital oscillator to an external time reference such as the 1PPS (One Pulse Per Second) signal output from a GPS receiver. One approach would be to synchronize a fixed frequency...

Summer of gateware is coming (again)

Christopher Felton

How time flies!  I swear my last post was a summary of the 2015 summer of gateware.  This year (2016) MyHDL is participating in the Google summer of code again, for the second year, continuing as a sub-org of the Python...