Launch of EmbeddedRelated.tv

Stephane BoucherFebruary 21, 2019

With the upcoming Embedded Word just around the corner, I am very excited to launch the EmbeddedRelated.tv platform.  

This is where you will find the schedule for all the live broadcasts that I will be doing from Embedded World next week.  Please note that the schedule will be evolving constantly, even during the show, so I suggest your refresh the page often.  For instance, I am still unsure if I will be able to do the 'opening of the doors' broadcast as it doesn't give me much time to get ready for Radhika's presentation at 9:30am.  Also, as I roam the show floor, if I encounter fun & interesting to watch demos, I might schedule live broadcasts on the spot.  

Important to notice are the three 'tabs' at the top of the page:  

If everything goes as planed, when a broadcast goes live it should automatically be found under the 'Live!' tab (provided you do a refresh).  So if you open the page from the comfort of your bed when you wake up next Tuesday and you see the Live! tab with '(1)', this should mean that there is a live broadcast underway.  

Putting together the broadcast schedule was and still is a challenge.  I had to make tough decisions, one of them being choosing between live-streaming the keynote on day 1 (Jim Tung, Mathworks) or the FreeRTOS presentation by Richard Barry.  They were too close to each other to be able to live-stream both.  You guys gave me a clear indication in the very unscientific poll that I ran last week that you favor the FreeRTOS presentation.  

I will soon update this post with a new forum thread link that I will create and where I intend to keep you guys updated next week and where I hope to read your feedback in real-time.  There will be problems and hick-ups for sure, I am just hoping that they will be minor and easy to solve.

Thank you in advance for tuning-in and for helping me make this very first EmbeddedRelated.tv broadcast a success.

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