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Christopher FeltonDecember 9, 20122 comments

Last updated 07-Nov-2017

MyHDL Resources

If you want to dive into MyHDL (digital hardware description in Python) there are many resources available.  Below is a list of MyHDL resources, including some of the past blogs here on fpgarelated.

The MyHDL manual is a great (probably the best) place to get started.

The manual is an in-depth introduction to MyHDL.  The concepts are well explained and there are examples to test while working through the manual.

The creator of MyHDL, Jan Decaluwe, has authored numerous -very informative- pieces on MyHDL and hardware description languages.  Below is a subset of Jan's posts.

NOTE: the following set of links are articles that were on the "All Programmable Planet" (APP) site.  In late 2013 the APP site was disbanned.  The following set of links are redirected to the same spot (an article explaining what happened to APP - well kinda).  These links will remain here in hope that the content will be restored at some point in the future.

If you read through all of Jan's post listed above you will learn quite a bit about HDLs and MyHDL!

A couple YouTube presentations.

The links below are some design examples using MyHDL, most of these are small projects/examples that can be tackled by someone getting started with MyHDL.

The previous list is a small taste of the projects that can be found on the web.  Googling will uncover many more MyHDL projects.

The last set of links are some examples available in the online repositories Bitbucket and Github.  

In addition, there are many examples and projects posted on the MyHDL website in the by example and user pages.

If others know good sources and/or projects and examples feel free to post in the comments section.

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Comment by stephanebOctober 26, 2015
Hey Chris, I think you should write a note at the top of the article that says 'Updated 10/27/2015' or something similar. What do you think?
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Comment by cfeltonOctober 26, 2015
@stephaneb, yes, definitely should add when last updated.

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