Joseph Mancino (@Joe3502)

Hi. I am a senior in high school with an small engineering job. I am attending Penn State in the Fall of 2020 for Electrical Engineering.

TinyFPGA BX Creating Two OR Gates

New thread started 3 years ago
Hi all,  First off, I hope that you and your families are staying safe and well during this time of global pandemic.  I just received my TinyFPGA in the mail yesterday...

Re: Is this possible with an FPGA?

Reply posted 4 years ago (03/19/2020)
Here is the question that I have. The A and B signals are already covered in that file that you attached, but the Z signal (time signal) is not discussed. I am looking...

Re: Is this possible with an FPGA?

Reply posted 4 years ago (03/19/2020)
Thank you for your reply. I am indeed looking for a converter to take three hall sensor inputs to a single encoder-type outputs. I will take a look at the note that...

Is this possible with an FPGA?

New thread started 4 years ago
Hi All, I am starting to learn Verilog in order to program FPGAs. I have a project where I need to take three digital signals coming from three hall sensors on...

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